Three Quick Stops on the Way to Seattle

Armitage Park Campground, Eugene, Oregon (April 30-May 3, 2017)

Don first heard about this park reading the “Wheeling It” blog.  It’s a small county park, that’s dog friendly, quiet, and has great trails along the McKenzie River.  We were only here for a few days but it was a great base for exploring Eugene.

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We met another Leisure Travel Van couple while at Armitage Park

Columbia Riverfront RV Park, Woodland, Washington (May 3-8, 2017)

Wow, what a beautiful, cold and rainy place to RV.  We were right on the Columbia River and could sit in our front seats inside the RV (or go outside) and watch the watercraft go up and down the river. We saw large ships, barges, sailboats, a paddlewheeler, and a whole assortment of boats/ships as they passed.  Very relaxing place.

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While we were there we did a quick trip to Mount St. Helens. It is hard to believe it erupted over 37 years ago on May 18, 1980.  It seems like yesterday but this eruption forever changed the landscape of the area.  It flattened more than 150 square miles of forest, spewed millions of tons of mud and debris, filled the sky with ash, and left 57 people dead.

It is located just 96 miles south of Seattle and remains an active volcano.  It has countless hiking trails throughout the area and we recommend visiting one of the many Visitor’s Centers to tailor your hiking to your abilities.

Midway RV Park, Centralia, Washington (May 8-9, 2017)

A quick overnight stay that was a cool stop for some retail therapy.  If you go, check out Centerville Western Store – you could spend a whole day looking through the merchandise.

See our campground review here.

Happy Trails

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