Southern Oregon Coastline- Lighthouses & Scenic Views (April 27-30, 2017)

April 27 -30 2017

Bandon, Oregon

This is one in a series of short beautiful stops we made on the southern coastline of Oregon.  The town of Bandon is on the coast right on Highway 101 and on our way to Seattle.  We enjoyed hiking and beach going in Bandon, but it also offered year-round fishing, cycling, and golf.   The landscape was green and the air clean but it was cold this time of year and when the wind picked up, we just had to bundle up more.  All and all we had a good time exploring the little town and staying at the Bullard Beach State Park.

Tip:  Visit the Second Street Gallery in downtown Bandon – great works of art from local artists

Tip:  Skip visiting the Edgewaters Restaurant in downtown Bandon – it’s just okay

Tip:  Don’t miss Face Rock Creamery in Bandon – great local cheese (They also have ice cream and a small cafe.)

We Called It Home for a Few Days: Bullard Beach State Park

This park is located at the mouth of the Coquille River on Oregon’s southern coast, and it gave us the chance to stroll on the beach, hike the trails, and view a small lighthouse.  They also had a horse campground and miles of trails to ride horses, and a boat ramp so that you could experience some of their famous fishing on the river.

Nearby Fun Places to Visit

Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint

A great overlook of an offshore monolith and a beach full of statuesque rock formations.


Cape Blanco Light Station @ Cape Blanco State Park

We love lighthouses so we braved the cold and the high winds to visit the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.  The winds were so high, it was hard to stand up but the setting was gorgeous with a backdrop of the turbulent Pacific coastline.

As we climbed the winding stairway to the top of the lighthouse we couldn’t stop thinking about the lives of the dedicated light keepers who kept the light burning.  Serving at this lighthouse, James Langlois holds the record for the longest service at one lighthouse in Oregon at 42 years with James Hughes bringing up a close second at the same lighthouse with 37 years of service. We always stop to ask ourselves, what were their daily lives like and why did they stay so much longer than other light keepers at other lighthouses?

This lighthouse was erected in 1870 and is the lighthouse that stands the farthest west in Oregon.  It is also the oldest one that has been continuously operating in Oregon.

Great place to visit and well worth the trip.

See our campground review here.

Happy Trails

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