Southern Oregon Coast – Cold, Rainy, & Beautiful (April 24-27, 2017)

Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, Oregon 

Cold and rainy best describes our stop at Harris Beach State Park but we are big fans of Washington state so we were prepared.  We just put on our rain jackets, rain pants, boots, and hats and didn’t let it slow us down.

This is probably one of the most beautiful state parks we’ve visited. It is right on the ocean with lots of trees and tall thick shrubs surrounded us – great privacy.

While we were there they were doing a lot of work on the park and one of the loops was closed.  We pretty much had the park to ourselves, us and a few other brave souls.

The park itself sits on a cliff, so you had to walk a quarter-mile down to the sandy beaches or to the rocky and rugged coastline. There are trails throughout the park, even one to town, so we took our time and explored the area and the trails.  We read a lot, worked on the blog, watched movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime. Overall, it was a very peaceful getaway as we were lulled to slow down at times by the rhythmic sounds of rain on the roof of the RV.

Brookings, Oregon

Nice small coastal town with laundromats, coffee shops, good restaurants, grocery stores, and an organic market – everything we need.  During the summer, I bet this place is really hopping.

See our campsite review here.

Happy Trails


Interesting Facts Learned While Traveling Sneaker Waves

Sneaker_BlackWhile traveling in the Pacific NorthWest we kept seeing signs on the beach, such as,

“Warning: Four people killed on this beach by sneaker waves”.  We had never heard of sneaker waves.


Wikipedia says …

A sneaker wave, sleeper wave, or in Australia a king wave is a disproportionately large coastal wave that can sometimes appear in a wave train without warning.

Check out this YouTube video about a sneaker wave …

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