Northern California: Land Slides, Hairpin Curves, Redwood Forests, & a Rugged Coastline April 21 – 24, 2017

In this area, there are limited roads that give access from the central part of California out to the Pacific coast. Highway 299 provides a very idyllic motoring experience … providing you don’t get carsick on tight curves or you don’t get hit by falling rocks.  However, we decided to take this highway for the three-hour drive from Redding to Eureka because it is very scenic. In one section, between Redding and Weaverville, you must negotiate about 55 hairpin turns, but after you reach the summit it smooths out into longer, more gentle curves.

Another section was one-way due to a recent massive land slide which washed the road away. (Seems to be a problem we’ve seen a lot in Northern California. They have been in a drought for so long, wildfires, and now have a lot of rain, and the mountainsides are taking out roadways as they slide down.) We were fine with the half hour wait for our turn to cross but as we were driving down the one land dirt road, surrounded by workers and heavy equipment, rocks began falling. Fortunately they landed between our vehicle and the one in front of us.  We’re fine, but it was a close call.

Eureka, California

We decided to make a small RV park in Eureka as our home base because it was midway (45 minutes each way) between the Avenue of the Giants and Redwood National Park.  You can read our review of the RV park here.  Eureka is a small city but has all the conveniences you need.  However, we didn’t spend much time in the city because the redwoods were calling …

The Avenue of the Giants

Words will never do these magnificent giants justice nor can we convey how beautiful and overwhelming they are.  Please enjoy our pictures from our drive and numerous hikes in the area.


Redwood National Park

Again, enjoy.  If you decide to take the trip, be sure you plan time to hike around the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, one of our favorite areas.  While we were there the roadway, about a mile in, was washed out from a landslide but you could still hike and stand among some of the largest trees in the world.  This park reminded us of the Hoh Rainforest in Washington state. (Be sure to notice the last two pictures of the elk in a distant field – they are so beautiful but also dangerous.)

Our First Look at the Northern California Coast

We began driving down Highway 101 to go see the Redwood National Park and got to see our first glimpses of the Northern California coast – breathtaking. We just had to be patient and take our time as there were several areas where they were working to rebuild the roadway (one lane was just gone) or firm-up the mountainsides.

If you come, take your time and drive and hike the area.  We brought our picnic lunch and stopped at the Klamath River Overlook where we were treated to the sight of a whale breaching below us.  God has shown us some amazing sights during our travels – we hope you enjoy our pictures.  Sorry, we didn’t get a picture of the whale, we were too busy being amazed.

Happy Trails to You, Until We Meet Again

2 thoughts on “Northern California: Land Slides, Hairpin Curves, Redwood Forests, & a Rugged Coastline April 21 – 24, 2017

  1. You did an amazing job at capturing our beautiful landscape!!! Is that big land slide where they were doing “improvements” to the highway??? Some of the best photos I have seen of that slide.

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