Sleeping in the Woods at a Ranch & Winery, April 18-19, 2017

Ahhh … after a lot of private RV parks we have finally come to a place that speaks to our souls.  We are boondocking (camping without hook-ups) at Six Sigma Ranch and Winery through the Harvest Hosts program.

History of the Ranch and Winery

Kaj Ahlmann was born in Denmark and has had a lifetime passion for developing land and growing crops. Kaj’s professional life took another direction and he became the Chairman and CEO of Employers Reinsurance Corporation, a division of General Electric.

In 1999, he and his wife were pulled back to the land when he purchased 4,300 acres in Lake County, California, where he has created a sustainable ranch with vineyards while maintaining the land’s natural beauty.  In 2005, they constructed the winery, including a barrel cave, and state-of-the-art winery equipment.  In 2008, his eldest son, Christian, joined the ranch after he received his MBA from Sonoma State University, Wine Business Institute.

The Natural Beauty of the Ranch and Winery

You can see their love of nature by the way they developed the ranch.  Beautiful trees dwarf the vineyards, and the ladies in the Tasting Room told stories about sharing the land with deer, mountain lions, bobcats, turkey, wild pigs, coyotes and bears, etc.

Our Night

We got our first feel for the natural beauty of the ranch as we drove the two miles down the dirt driveway off the main road, passing wild deer, the horses, and sheep.  We had arrived in the late afternoon and immediately went to the tasting room to select a couple of bottles of sustainably grown prize-winning wine and ethically grown/harvested pork chops.

That evening while setting up to cook outside, partridges and a pair of turkeys came through our area. It’s a beautiful night, the stars were bright.  We settled down for a quiet night and we saw one of three Great Pyrenees dogs that are the nighttime caretakers of the ranch.  Our guardian was on duty taking care of us and the Tasting Room and throughout the night we saw her making rounds or barking off into the distance.  Christian had told us the dog keeps the bears away and we felt safe all night long.

The Next Day

The next day we hiked around the ranch and everyone we met talked about their love for the ranch, the land, and the animals.  It is a very spiritual place and we hope to come back.

I’m not writing a campground review for this stop because this is a Harvest Hosts site. They provide two level gravel parking areas and nothing else. We were back to roughing it, using our water tank, solar panels, battery power and going self-contained.

Happy Trails

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