Visiting Davis Bayou…Again!

Davis Bayou National Seashore, Ocean Springs, MS (Feb. 7-9, 2017)

Heading west leaving Florida it was too easy to take a short diversion to visit family in img_9185Ocean Springs. We called ahead to the friendly park ranger and grabbed a site for  a couple of nights.

We got a chance to enjoy some good company and some good fresh Gulf Coast seafood one more time.

The RV needed to go into the dealer in Mobile, AL for service on the ABS system. After getting up early (had to set an alarm – OH!, the horror!) it was a foggy drive to make it to the dealer on time. The service advisor had me checked in and I went hang out in the customer lounge. After a few hours they discovered the problem was a faulty wheel speed sensor on the left rear. Easy fix and covered under warranty. At the same time I had the two front tires replaced, mainly because one the tires had abnormal wear. Without a spare tire onboard, I’m not taking any risks with tires, so we replaced them while we had it at the dealer.

Something you don’t usually think about is that when you take the RV in to the shop you have to remember everyone has to get up and out since your home is going into the shop.  Norma didn’t want to go to the shop and sit so she took an adventure on her own….

Don left with the RV at 5:30 in the morning so I had to get going. Outside it was a heavy fog but I had decided to take the short two-hour drive to one of my favorite little towns, Mandeville, to get my maintenance work done (hair and nails.)  Okay, I got to Mandeville at 7:30 am and my hair appointment was for 10:00 so I decided to go to breakfast. On the way I got to meet some funny policemen.

I saw several policemen in a school zone pulling over cars and I made sure I wasn’t speeding.  One policeman stepped in to the road and pointed at me and signaled for me to pull over, Ugh!  He asked me if I knew what I was doing wrong besides being from Texas.  He said as I was coming down the road my automatic headlights went off and in the state of Louisiana (& Texas) you must have your headlights on whenever fog is in the area, even if the fog has lifted from the roadway.  He also kept asking me if I wasn’t sure I now lived in Louisiana because who lives in Texas.  I told him I was a full-time RVer and he asked if I was at a nearby park and I told him the story about traveling to Mandeville from Ocean Springs to get my hair done.  He thought it was hilarious that I had traveled all that way and called all the other policemen over so they could all kid me.  Everybody had a big laugh…..Norma

Later that day I left Mobile in the RV and called Norma so she could leave Mandeville. The timing worked out just about right – by the time she arrived back at Davis Bayou I had the RV set up at the site and we were ready for our afternoon tea and coffee… cheers!

See our campground review here.


Happy Trails!

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