Visiting Old Favorites

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Since we were not traveling far, I figured there isn’t much that would interest readers so I’ve been putting off making a post. (Just being a ‘little’ lazy.) However, we’ve received several comments and emails asking if everything is OK. Our lack of posting worried some of our family and readers and for that we’re sorry. Everything is alright and now that we are back on the road it is time to begin blogging again.

Davis Bayou, National Seashore, Ocean Springs, Mississippi (Visiting Family)

(Jan. 6-8, 2017) You may have noticed that this is one of our favorite stops because it is near my sister and her family, and is on the way to the beach. We stop there often enough that the park ranger knows us on a first name basis.

However, it was freezing cold and rainy, but that didn’t prevent us from having a great time playing cards and visiting. Br-r-r-r-r-r

We also went to Woody’s Restaurant for great burgers and played a 60’s/70’s music bingo, fun times! It was made even more fun because another sister and her husband came by for a visit on their way back to Fort Lauderdale. It was great to hang out with everybody!


Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama (A bike riders heaven)

(Jan. 8-23, 2017) We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to return to Gulf State Park on our way back to Florida to ride the bike trails one more time! My sister and her family from Ocean Springs came by and camped out with us for part of the time so we got to ride bikes and hang out with the whole gang.


Biking isn’t our only favorite activity, recently Don and I got a new inflatable kayak (to go with the inflatable stand up paddleboard ) and this was the perfect place to go on our maiden voyage. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to try it out more. Fun story: Don wanted to paddle closer to something in the water, saying it was either a stick or an alligator. Well, when it submerged, we knew it was a gator.

After family left us, the weather turned bad and we buckled down for possible tornadoes. We had a series of storms pass through but we mainly got wind and rain. (Thank goodness because I know RVs are tornado magnets.) We were scheduled to leave for St. Joe on Jan. 22 but the storms had just left us and were heading that way so we stayed another night.

If you’ve never been to Gulf State Park we recommend it. They have daily organized activities with the rangers and in the education center. We also enjoyed nightly going for a walk on the longest pier on the gulf to see the lights and watch the fishermen. If you are looking for a deal on camping during the winter months, plan to get here on the first day of the month to get the very affordable monthly rate.

T. H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park (we just call it ‘St. Joe’), Port St. Joe, Florida (unspoiled ‘Old Florida’)

(Jan. 23-24, 2017) We had to cut our visit short here because we delayed our arrival due to the weather. However, this is one of our favorite camping sites. When we arrived the rain was gone but the ocean was still turbulent. Huge waves were crashing on the roadway to the park and the beach was being beaten by the waves coming on shore.

If you’ve never been to St. Joe it is a little primitive. You camp on sand sites with electric and water hook ups. However, it has beautiful night skies since there is very little light pollution there, since you are out on a peninsula. St. Joe has 9.5 miles of white beaches, aqua blue waters, gulf and bay views, water sports, a “get away from it all” atmosphere, and excellent birding. We love it and every time we go, we say “Thank You Sue” for sharing this wonderful place with us.


Sunset Isle RV Resort, Cedar Key, Florida (more unspoiled ‘Old Florida’)

(Jan. 24-26, 2017) Sunset Isle is a tight little RV park with a hippie vibe. We camped here on a waterfront site and got to see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from inside our RV.

Sunset Isle is in Cedar Key, a close-knit community of an eclectic blend of artists, fishermen, clam farmers, history & nature lovers, and business owners. Cedar Key is known for beautiful sunrises/sets, being a quiet village, an artist Mecca, fantastic fishing/ canoeing/paddle boarding, and for the fact that 95% of farm raised clams in the US are from here. To get to Cedar Key you drive four miles to the end of the road into the Gulf of Mexico and it is a series of small islands.

You can’t go to the Florida coast without eating seafood and we recommend Steamers Clam Bar & Grill downtown on the waterfront and a local favorite (a short drive away from the water) called Robinson Seafood Restaurant & Market.


We highly recommend Sunset Isle RV Resort but you’ve got to slow your pace down.

Happy Trails

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