Relaxing on the Gulf Coast

September 23 – December 1, 2016:  We wanted to begin traveling again but didn’t want to go far in case we were needed so we headed to the Gulf Coast. We love the Gulf Coast.

Recharging on the Coast:
Sept. 23-26 Davis Bayou, National Seashore, Ocean Springs, MS
Sept. 26-Oct. 18 Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, AL
Oct. 18-26 St. Joe State Park, Cape San Blas, FL
Oct. 26-Nov. 1 Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, Santa Rosa, FL
Nov. 1-Dec. 1 Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, AL

Our New Bikes
Don and I got recumbent bikes! I love riding my bent and no longer suffer from neck, hand, or back pains when I ride. We get to ride almost daily. Now I understand why Don enjoyed his long bike rides.

My Bike


Norma’s Rans Tailwind Recumbent Bicycle (Sally)

Don’s Bike

Don’s Cruzbike Recumbent

A bonus was that we stayed near enough to my sister in Mississippi that she and her grandkids would ride bikes with us a lot. It was so much fun watching these young kids learn to ride and how much they love it now. It was also great for us because we’re much better riders after having ridden with them. They really keep you on your toes!

It has been fun watching my little sister with her grandkids, she is so good with them. She reminds me of our grandmother and the fun times we had at her house in the country.

My favorite grandmother memory … I remember when our grandmother would come and have coffee with my mom. As soon as she was inside, my little sister and I would run out to grandmother’s car (a Volkswagen Beetle) and hide behind the back seat. (It was really just a small storage area but we were really young and both fit in the area nicely.)  On her way home we would jump up and “surprise” her and then always got to spend the night at her house.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that my grandmother always had our clothes.  I wonder if mom called her to come get us?

Don on a Paddleboard


RV Lesson Learned
We loved staying in Gulf Shores for a full month. It gave us a chance to meet people and get to know the community. My brother-in-law has been telling us for years to slow down and we are just beginning to understand what he was trying to tell us.

Happy Trails

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