RV Life: Overnight at a Brewery

August 15, 2016

We had many of our stops planned far in advance for our trip up and down the Eastern U.S., but on this night we didn’t have a reservation. One resource that we always check is Harvest Hosts to see if anything is along our route. That’s how we discovered this one stop.

Boothbay Craft Brewery

This is a small craft brewery and tavern located in Boothbay, Maine. They are a member of Harvest Hosts and offer two free RV sites with no hookups. They also have five full hookup sites available for a low (for the area) fee. Well, we took a chance and drove over to see if a site was available. Our strategy was to get a full hookup site if possible since the temps were climbing into the 80’s. We lucked up and grabbed a spot with full hookups.

There are several advantages to staying at this brewery because it is part of a small resort and you are free to use all the facilities, (a pool-this was closed when we were there because the water composition was off, a fitness room, restaurant/tavern, etc.)


1-If you decide to stay at Boothbay Craft Brewery there is a brewery tour everyday at three o’clock.

2- In the neighboring waterfront town of Wiscasset there is a roadside food-stand called “Red’s Eats” and it is very popular for lobster rolls, fried clams, and blueberry cake.  We didn’t go (we ate at the Boothbay Craft Brewery Tavern) but we understand that wait times of 60-90 minutes aren’t unusual (we saw the long lines) – must be good!

Day Trip to L.L. Bean – A Different Kind of “Nature Walk”

This will be our last stop in Maine with us heading south again. This stop had us close to Freeport, Maine so we just had to visit L.L. Bean’s flagship store. The flagship store is actually four separate stores: retail store, home store, fishing/hunting store, and bike/water sports store. It is also located in a huge shopping area with many other  big name stores. We always need to do a little “retail therapy” when we get near larger towns and it was fun to walk around and window-shop.

Happy Trails

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