Winhall Brook C.O.E. @ South Londonderry, Vermont (July 19-23, 2016)

As we left New York and headed into the Green Mountain state, Vermont, the weather got colder. I was excited to be digging out long pants and a sweatshirt – just the kind of weather I love.

Vermont is green, peaceful, laid-back and full of small towns with locally owned stores and artisan galleries instead of chain restaurants or shopping centers. It is also a foodie haven with locally sourced restaurants and a very outdoorsy community with hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. I think we could easily live here during the spring and summer – the deeply forested mountainsides, great views, and outdoor community. (I don’t think we are ready yet for fall and winter here – it is a major ski, snowboard, and snowmobile area. I wonder how my friends, Tracy and Sue, cope with the snow in Michigan. They must be made of tougher stuff than Don and I.)

imageWinhall Brook is a Corps of Engineers campground, just north of South Londonderry, Vermont, and in the central southern region of the state. There are only 22 electric/water sites but over 90 dry camping sites. The electric/water sites are a little close together but many of the other sites are along a stream and are quite large. The bathrooms were spotless and there were excellent hiking and bike trails that went through the park.

To get to our site we had to cross a quaint stream on a narrow tall sided bridge and immediately take a 90 degree turn into the park. We made it across without any problems, but after talking to our neighbor with a large class A, he had inches to spare. Other campers had not been so lucky, because when we walked across the bridge we saw gouges and scrape marks on the side rails of the bridge. Glad we are one of the little campers 🙂

On one of the days we took a short road trip to see a few covered bridges in the local area. Some of the bridges were just for walking across a river but most were still being used as a roadway and this allowed drivers to daydream and “go back in time”.

Covered bridges are so romantic and make you wonder why they were designed.  Were they built so the roof would protect the beams from rotting or from freezing? Or, were they made to look like barns so animals would cross them?  They don’t really know why but everyone seems to have a theory.


We enjoyed our time so much that we are planning on coming back on our way back south before winter chases us out of the north.

Happy Trails – Our next stop is the RV rally!

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