Gilbert Lake State Park @ Laurens, New York (July 16-19 2016)

Gilbert Lake State Park was a nice park but ours was a short visit. We were rained in for part of the time so we got to catch up on some reading. We did get to explore a little bit before we moved on.

The Campground
This campground is over 1,600 acres with 26 electric sites, 109 dry camping sites, 33 cabins, a sand beach, several ball playing fields, a horseshoe pit, basketball court, volleyball court, numerous picnic areas with tables and grills, frisbee-disc golf course, rowboat/kayak rentals, and hiking trails.


Northeast Classic Car Museum
We did get to visit this Classic Car Museum with over 180 vehicles from 1899 through the early 1980’s on display in five connected buildings. The cars were clustered into groups such as: Cars Made in New York State, The Post-War Collection, The Staley Collection: Auburns, Packards, Cords, & Duesenbergs, and the Franklins. (I had never even heard of a Franklin car before visiting this museum.) The muscle cars reminded me of high school days, the Road Runner 440 Six Pack was immaculate!  There was even a Chevelle SS 454 that reminded me of one of my sister’s boyfriend’s car back-in-the-day.

Where We Are Heading
Our next stop will be in Vermont where we are slowly making our way to Essex Junction to attend an RV rally which begins at the end of the month. This is our first event to attend of this type and we are wondering what it will be like … Well, we look forward to telling you all about it in a future blog ….

Happy Trails

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