Part 2: More Fun Near Jordan, Ontario, Canada (June 30- July 6, 2016)

Are there things to do in the area after going to Niagara Falls?  Yes, it is a touristy area but we had a blast and would recommend the following:


There are more than 75 wineries in the region, from small boutique wineries to large producers.   (Sigh, so many wineries and so little time.)  This makes it perfect for a day (or more) of tasting, with a stop for lunch at one of the estate restaurants.  Everywhere we went we saw organized winery tours by bicycle, e-bike,  or by automobile.

Upper Canadian Cheese Company

Near where we were staying in Jordan there was a small award winning creamery that sold handcrafted cheeses from Gurnsey or goat milk. These cheeses are only available in Canada and are very creamy and rich. Don and I enjoyed going there for a cheese tasting and buying cheese to enjoy along our travels – taking a little bit of Canada with us.




Avondale Dairy Bar – “Ice Cream the way it is supposed to be”

We found the coolest place to sit outside and relax on a rural Niagara dairy farm with 9o Holstein cows and it’s own Dairy (ice cream) Bar.  This farm makes ice cream fresh daily the old fashioned way. In fact, the ice cream operation has grown so much that all their milk production goes toward making their ice cream.


We stood in line two nights in a row to get our ice cream shakes and malts and would do it again in a minute.  We highly recommend the Avondale Dairy Bar.

Welland Locks

After getting our ice cream we visited the Welland Locks and watched the ships go through to/from Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  These locks allow ships safe passage without having to go over Niagara Falls. (Smile)


The IMAX show “Experience Niagara Falls:  From the Edge of Your Seat” promised to tell us about the human history of Niagara Falls.  It was okay if you have a rainy and/or hot day but we didn’t learn anything new that we hadn’t already read about on the posters on the walls of the “Behind the Falls” tour.

TIP:  Parking at the IMAX is $4 (Canadian) for the entire day and this puts you in the middle of all of the Niagara Falls attractions.  It’s a deal – most places were $10-$25 per day.

Niagara on the Lake (known as NOTL by the locals)

This is a beautiful small town on the south shore of Lake Ontario. It gets crowded on the weekends and the art/crafts market at the park was popular.


There was so much more to do … Historical Museums, Marineland, Bird Kingdom, riding the SkyWheel, taking the train to Toronto, and more … we ran out of time … maybe next time.


Happy Trails



2 thoughts on “Part 2: More Fun Near Jordan, Ontario, Canada (June 30- July 6, 2016)

  1. Dear Don and Norma, What a surprise to find your blog. We are friends with Joe Becnell and his wife Kelly, because they are friends with my younger son and wife, Ryan and Ashlea. They were at my grandson’s birthday party yesterday and he showed me your blog. This afternoon I have been going through it and enjoying it very much. I admire your courage to take on such an endeaver, but knowing Don I can see him doing such a thing. I am very interested in your Utah travels as we have been there many times. I shared with Don about my parents living in Layton and my dad working at the base in Ogden for over 15 years. We made many trips out to visit them. When we would go out there, Dad would have leave planned from work and have their camper packed up, and when we got there away we would go, anywhere and nowhere in particular, just going to see the country. How I loved those trips. You two are the envy of people like me that have always loved to travel. This must be quite a job to keep this blog up, but I can imagine it is appreciated by many. I know I will enjoy it very much. Reading your blog has given me a new insight on how to view our great country and how not to rush through it on our destination to the next site. Keep up the blog, as I and many others, I am sure are throughly enjoying it. So glad to connect with you and wishing happy trails to both of you. Jeanette Pierce

    • Jeanette and William,
      It was really nice to hear from you. Norma and I are enjoying retirement and keep the blog so that family and friends can keep up with us. We are glad to know you will follow us, as I always enjoyed your company. I still remember working nights and waiting patiently for your delicious biscuits! We plan to go back to the Western U.S. next year, would you like to make plans to meet up?
      Don and Norma

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