Part 1: Dressel’s Jordan Valley Campground, Jordan,Ontario, Canada (June 30- July 6, 2016)

Coming to Canada

We are on our way to Vermont to attend an RV rally which begins at the end of July.  In January when we were making our plans, we began looking for a place to stay over the fourth of July.  Lo’ and behold, we could not find an opening on the American side of Niagara Falls for the fourth of July so we decided to stay on the Canadian side.

The Crossing into Canada

We always get a little nervous whenever we go through customs because we’ve heard the horror stories that others tell. Before we cross, we always go through the RV and the Jeep to get everything cleaned up and organized.  Well, this crossing was (thankfully) uneventful and we breezed right through.

Our suggestions on how to make your crossing easy are:  check the country’s website and follow all guidelines, have all your papers in order, take off your sunglasses when at the gate and look the customs agent in the eye, answer all questions honestly, and be respectful.  This has always worked for us but we know the more times we cross, that our time is coming, when they will go through everything and that will just be another adventure.

The Campground

Dresser’s Jordan Valley Campground is advertised as “Niagara’s Best Kept Secret for Family Camping.”  We arrived just in time for Canada Day (July 1st) which is a busy national holiday and the campground was full.

The campground has a section for RVs/campers and another for tenters.  It is located on a river and is a very nice, clean, quiet place to stay. There were all sizes of RVs in the campground but you do need to cross a very narrow bridge to get into the park – just take your time and you can make it.  We would recommend it to others.

Canada Day – July 1st

We did not know that July 1st is Canada Day, a day to celebrate Canada becoming a country.  It was their 149th year of independence and it was a major holiday weekend.  We got to see fireworks as they celebrated but all of the attractions and restaurants were crowded.  We were forewarned and spent the day catching up on our blog.  However, we are already thinking about where we want to be for next year to help them celebrate their 150th birthday of independence.  We hear we need to make our reservations now.

Niagara Falls

Just a short drive from the campground, we went to visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. It is a very popular area.  We visited:

White Water Walk

We walked alongside some of the world’s wildest white water rapids (Class 6) in the Niagara Gorge just beyond the falls.  We didn’t even know there were class 6 rapids but they are so strong and come down with such a roar, that no one can travel on this waterway.

Hornblower Niagara Cruises (The American side is “Maid of the Mist.”)

This is a thrilling tour that takes you past the American Falls and stops you right in the heart (180 degree view) of Horseshoe Falls.   It is amazing, just seeing these falls 164 feet above you, and you are so small, with the mist all around.  Take the trip – it is a great experience.

Journey Behind the Falls


Portal view from the tunnel


Horseshoe Falls

We went through the network of tunnels that took us deep through the rocks that back Canada’s Horseshoe Falls. Breathtaking – seeing the falls from the backside.






Tips to Make the Most of Your Day at Niagara Falls

Lunch:  We had lunch at the Queen Victoria Place Restaurant, which is right across from the falls and the view is beautiful.  The food was outstanding, sourced from local farms and we highly recommend it. (Try the Woolwich goat cheese – yum!)

Visitor Information: Visit the Ontario Travel Information Centre (right off the QEW across from the outlet mall). We got valuable information on tickets, parking, and things to do. It really helped us make the most of our time in Ontario.

Tickets:  Buy your tickets online and you will save money and time.  We purchased the Adventure Pass – Classic and it included all of our tickets and two days of bus passes to get us to/from the attractions or anywhere in the city.

Happy Trails


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