Evangola State Park, Irving, New York (June 26-29, 2016)

Getting Ready to Go to Canada

This was a short  3 night stop in New York to give us a location close to the Canadian border. We’ve slowly been going through the RV to get everything ready for the border crossing, mainly drinking a few “extra” bottles of wine since you can only go through Canadian customs with two bottles. And it’s a good opportunity to go through everything and take inventory.

The Campground

Evangola State Park is located on the shore of Lake Erie, about a 30 minute drive south of Buffalo, New York. The park is divided into two sections, one section has 80 electric RV campsites, tent sites and two yurts. There is another day use picnic area with access to a sandy beach on the lake and a boat launch.  It was another good walking park and we easily walked around both sections and back-and-forth between the sections to get our daily steps.  While we were there the winds were strong, blowing off the lakefront but we were high on a cliff above Lake Erie which offered us some beautiful sunsets. The sunrises were probably equally spectacular but we never got up early enough to see them 🙂






This part of New York is full of vineyards but we did not tour any of them because we were getting ready for our border crossing. Oh well, next time … so much wine, so little time.

Local Market 

If you visit this part of New York please plan to visit Lakeside Market, which is just a couple of miles down from the park, to purchase their homemade Polish, Italian, or bratwurst sausage.  The cheddar-bratwurst was some of the best we have found anywhere.


Well, we are ready … the sun is setting … and tomorrow we go to Canada  

Happy Trails



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