Tionesta, Pennsylvania (June 20-26, 2016)

Meeting New Friends

You know how sometimes how you feel about a place is colored by the weather, how you feel, or the people you meet along the way.  Well, Tionesta was like this because in the camper next door were the nicest people, Andy & Sally.  When we first arrived Andy was playing blue grass music on a fiddle sitting outside his camper. We found out he was a local who was a member of a group that was playing at the Lighthouse and the Firefly festival.  We throughly enjoyed the concerts, getting to know the couple, and the “mountain pies” they shared.  They were open and friendly and we hope our paths cross again.

Tionesta and Amish Country

Tionesta – meaning “Home of the Wolves” from  the local Native Americans but luckily we didn’t hear or see any wolves but there were bears in the area. The small borough of Tionesta (population less than 500) is located in northwest Pennsylvania along the Allegheny River and Tionesta Creek and was an easy walk from our campground.

Driving into the area to find the campground, we started to notice horse droppings on the road – our first hint that we were in Amish country. Then we noticed a horse-drawn buggy passing in the opposite lane with the family waving at us. It was a nice welcome into this part of the state.

Tionesta Recreation Area

This was another stop at a Corp of Engineers campground, or as we like to tease each other, “another dam site”!  The campground was located on both sides of the river which gave us a great walk each day and we easily got all of our steps in.  We enjoyed walking around the campground and into town. (Funny Story:  We kept walking into town to go to the local Coffee Shop but we were having a hard time finding it open for business.  The first time we went at 4 p.m. and it was closed, then 2 p.m.- closed again, noon – closed, and we were finally successful when we went at about 9:00 a.m. – it closes early every day.  They might want to post the hours on the door for those of us who are slow learners.) The sites were average sized and the campground can get very busy on the weekend so we would recommend reservations.

The Lighthouse

Yes, there was a lighthouse in this little borough.  It seems that a wealthy patron of the arts built it and an arts and crafts education center where they were offering classes in building handcrafted wooden canoes.  We enjoyed looking at the beautiful boats in their various stages of completion.

Firefly festival 

Did you know there are fireflies that are synchronous in that they light in unison and every year various locales have festivals to celebrate their arrival?  We went to one outside of Tionesta and it offered musical groups throughout the day, food, and fellowship.

Farm Store

Instead of going to the Tionesta Farmer’s Market we found the Pleasant Valley Farm Store for all of our grocery needs. They are located right in the middle of Amish country and have adopted many of their farming practices.  We enjoyed getting to meet the farmers that grew the food that we were eating.

Heading North

We thoroughly enjoyed our last stop in Pennsylvania and now we are headed to the western side of New York state.

Happy Trails



2 thoughts on “Tionesta, Pennsylvania (June 20-26, 2016)

  1. We are thinking of heading there tomorrow. There are openings so we will get the spot reserved so we have it over the weekend. This post was helpful.

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