The Heat is ON! – Rudds Creek COE, Boydton, VA (June 2 – 7, 2016)



The seasons are changing and the hot, humid weather is upon us. We thought heading north would give some relief from the heat, but this part of Virginia (no longer in the mountains) still has the heat and humidity.

It’s also hurricane season, so now we have to be aware of any storm development and how it might affect our travels. And it’s BUG season, time for the bug spray whenever we go on hikes. However, Virginia is beautiful!

Rudds Creek Corps of Engineers Campground

Here we are at a Corps of Engineers campground again! This campground is one of thirteen  campgrounds on the 50,000 acre John H. Kerr Reservoir, also known as Buggs Island Lake. The dam that created the reservoir is the 4th largest in the U.S. The lake is popular with the local fishermen, and a 143 lb. world record catfish was caught here back in 2011. Most of the campsites had an RV and boat trailer parked in their sites. This campground appears to be used mainly by fishermen, not too many travelers or tourists here, and very few women or families.


After a thunderstorm one night, the park restroom was demolished by a tree

South Hill,  VA

The campground was directly on the lake and close to the small town of Boydton. After driving around Boydton, we found it didn’t have much to offer, so we drove a little further to the town of South Hill. We were able to shop a little at their Farmer’s Market, take care of laundry and we found a great small town diner to have a nice lunch.


This is supposedly the place that “Machine Gun Kelly” was captured at.

We stopped by The Horseshoe Restaurant while in South Hill. It’s a typical small town diner that caters to all the locals. We both had bison burgers which was one of the daily specials. Great choice! We raved about the burgers to our server and shortly afterwards the owner came to our table, talked with us for a while, and  welcomed us to the restaurant and Virginia. It totally made our day!


Virginia – beautiful scenery, friendly people, and great sunsets.

Happy Trails


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