A Different Experience (May 4 -14, 2016)

Leaving the hills of Georgia we drove north and crossed over into Tennessee. We had diverted our route so we could visit our niece, nephew and their family in Chattanooga while heading up the eastern side of the States. We had made reservations at a no-frills RV park that was convenient to the interstate, but was just a place to stop for a few nights. Our niece and nephew knew about a much nicer park that they have used to canoe/kayak and ride their stand-up paddle boards, so we changed our plans and went there instead. The only unknown was that this campground doesn’t take reservations, it’s first come, first served.

Chester Frost Campground, Hixson, Tennessee 
20160510_ChestFrostEntranceChester Frost Park is a large facility operated by Hamilton county, located in Hixson, just north of Chattanooga. It has multiple campground areas, a boat launch, and wraparound views of the waterways and mountains. We arrived on a weekday, so getting a site was not a problem. We decided to stay at the lakeside area campground. We had a scenic campsite facing the open water of Chickamauga Lake, which was formed by the dam on the Tennessee River.

  • Visiting Family
    After arriving and getting setup at the campground, we went to visit our relatives in Chattanooga. It was nice to be able to visit with everyone and catch up. We were treated to an excellent chicken & andouille gumbo dinner and got to meet our great niece’s new beau. (We liked him but it is still hard for us to believe she’s twenty-one!  Where does the time go?)
  • A Change of Plans
    Shortly after arriving in Chattanooga, we got word of a family emergency in south Florida. Norma and her nephew, niece & family all left to go to Florida.
  • Single RV’ing
    I spent the remainder of the time at Chester Frost taking a few hikes, going for bike rides and generally kicking back. It did give me a chance to catch up with mail service and do a few maintenance chores on the RV & Jeep.
  • Moving on to Asheville, NC
    This was a first for me since we began this journey – moving the RV to a new location by myself. After checking and double-checking, with friendly advice from an elderly gentleman across the road, I connected the Jeep and headed across Tennessee for Asheville. I took my time driving, stopping along the way just past Knoxville for lunch at a rest area. It was strange driving without Norma riding shotgun, I missed having a navigator.


Lake Powhatan Recreation Area National Forest Campground, Asheville, NC
Driving up into mountain backroads, Lake Powhatan campground is just outside of Asheville, near the Biltmore estate property. The campground has multiple loops, most are set up for primitive tent camping, with one loop dedicated for RV’s. The loop I was in (the Hardtimes) had two sites with water and electricity, I was in one and the camp host had the other. It was nice being out in the woods again.

  • Lake Powhatan Campground is part of the Pisgah National Forest. Well, they call it a lake, but it’s really a large pond. It has a small sandy beach area and a fishing pier. The area has many mountain bike/hiking trails, all built on a rugged mountain side.
  • Norma rejoined me at this campground, flying back from Florida. It was good that she was able to give support to the family when needed, but it was great to have her back at the RV again. We had a day to explore the area and went for a drive along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway before we headed to our next stop at Stone Mountain State Park in Roaring Gap, North Carolina.

Happy Trails!

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