Tomoka State Park near Daytona Beach, FL (March 15-21, 2016)

This was a change from our previous destination, back into the woods and sand. Tomoka State Park is on the outskirts of Ormond Beach, which is close to Daytona Beach. The drive into this park was a little tight with trees and a sandy road that had big dips in it. We just drove very slowly so the rig didn’t bottom out or hang up on a low hanging branches. Our site was fairly small, I don’t think this park was designed for larger RV’s, pop-up’s and tents are the norm here. There’s saltwater fishing, nature trails and a nice waterside store for minor things. At the park store there are waterside tables and seating to watch the views of the river. Overall a nice park that you can unwind at.

After arriving at a park we always like to stretch our legs and go for a walk to check out the lay of the land. We were surprised to find another Leisure Travel Unity RV just a few spots down from ours. Later we chatted with the people in the other Unity, realizing that we had met before in Golden, CO. I was amazed that they could travel full-time in their Unity with an African Grey parrot and a medium sized dog.


After being spoiled by my brother-in-law in Fort Lauderdale with his wonderful stone crab claws and shrimp, we went looking for a local seafood market. Well, the market was out of crab, but they did have fresh fish and seafood potato salad that turned out to be excellent.


The farmers market at Flagler Beach was a nice surprise, with a good selection of produce and fresh eggs. There was also an arts and crafts section. Afterwards we walked down to the beach area to see the Atlantic and then had brunch at a local cafe.

Happy Trails!

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