We are kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the Florida Keys (March 1-5, 2016)

The Florida Keys

Jimmy Buffet’s song “Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude” is true. Here we sit looking at the most beautiful blue-green waters, and all stress and worries just melt away.

The Keys are a beautiful tropical paradise surrounded by fragile living reefs. Life here seems to focus on the water and unforgettable sunrises and sunsets over the southernmost tip of the continental United States. No one appears to be in a hurry and time has lost meaning.

Beginning at Key Largo and ending at Key West, the Keys are linked by 42 bridges along the 126 miles of U.S. highway 1. One of these bridges is 7 miles long and they all offer wonderful opportunities for watching the many sailboats float across the water or countless other watercraft.

A Funny Scuba Diving Story

In times past, we used to come here to scuba dive, but not this trip. The purpose of this trip is to just kick back but I do have a funny story about when we dove here last. Years ago I used to get violently sea sick every time we went out on a dive boat. One time in Panama City, we went out and the weather changed quickly and the waves got rough. The Captain needed me to help him get the divers back on board so he tied a line around my waist so I wouldn’t fall in the water when we hit a big wave so I could help the divers on board. Well, they would come up and I would throw up but we got them all aboard safely.

Well, years later, we were on a dive boat in the Florida Keys and the Captain was telling this funny story about a time he was out in rough seas and had this crazy person tied to the boat that threw up on the divers as they came up. I looked at Don and he looked at me, and we laughed but never told the Captain that the crazy person was now on his boat in the Keys… Oh well …

Camping in the Keys

Getting a reservation for a camping spot in the Keys can be challenging. There are 4 state parks: John Pennekamp, Long Key, Curry Hammock, and Bahia Honda. I was telling my sister that lives in Fort Lauderdale that we had reservations at John Pennekamp and she told me about Long Key. Well, we found out that Pennekamp is the most popular campground in the Keys and at Long Key it is laid back and quiet – which is more our kind of place.  Long Key has only 60 sites and they are each on the water. The only negative is this time of year is no-see-um season, the bugs like to feed on you. Bring your bug-spray.

Long story short, we found a place at Long Key, cancelled the Pennekamp reservations, and haven’t left the campground much. We did go to Key West for a quick trip but were ready to leave the hustle and bustle of the place to get back to our little spot in paradise. (Thank you Patsy for telling us about Long Key.)

One Lazy Afternoon

Another great way to spend a lazy afternoon is on Islamorada, feeding the tarpon off the docks at Robbie’s Marina.  If you’ve never done it, watch this YouTube video and you’ll add it to your bucket list. HAND FEEDING the TARPON at Robbies Marina Islamorada in the Florida Keys

As you change your latitude, you will definitely change your attitude.

Sorry I don’t have much to say … We’re sitting in a chair, outside the RV, watching the beautiful water, listening to our music, my book is calling, while Don reads his magazines and maybe, we’ll just have another glass of wine, as we wait for the sun to set.  Life is good.

Happy Trails… heading to Fort Lauderdale

2 thoughts on “We are kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the Florida Keys (March 1-5, 2016)

  1. That story about helping the divers was hilarious. How funny that you ended up hearing the captain tell your story. Oh and it looks heavenly where you are right now. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics and information about the Keys.

    • When we broke camp and went to leave Long Key, the GPS said turn right to head towards Fort Lauderdale… there was a strong urge to turn left and spend more time in the Keys

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