A Quick One Night Stop on the Way to the Keys on Leap Day (Feb. 29, 2016)

Boon Docking

SONY DSCLast night, we boon-docked (camped with no hook-ups) in the Miccosukee Resort & Casino’s parking lot. We were driving on our way from Osprey, Florida to the Florida Keys and needed a quick one night stop because the drive is long. It is located right outside Miami and on the edge of the Everglades on the Miccosukee Native American reservation.


Free Casino Parking for RVs, 18 Wheelers, & Tour Buses
Miccosukee Casino is RV friendly but really is just a large, well-lit, level parking lot on the side of the casino, but an easy walk to the building. When we arrived we were directed to go in and register with the security office and we received a large orange sheet to display in the window of the RV. We saw security officers in golf carts patrolling the area around the clock so we felt safe.

We also signed up for the Players Club when we went inside to talk to security. We each got a $30 card to gamble on one slot machine and a coupon for 50% off their buffet. We are not big time gamblers, the $30 card didn’t work, we were tired from driving, so we called it a night. However, we did go to the buffet for dinner and probably should have passed on it, too.

Thumbs Up
We would recommend this stop and it is quite popular. When we first read about it we thought we would be the only RVs here but the parking lot was almost full and at one point we moved because the RV next to us turned on their generator to cook.

Happy Trails … Florida Keys – Here We Come!

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