Cedar Key – Continuing Along the Old Florida Coast (Feb. 9 – 11, 2016)

Next we went to the tiny town of Cedar Key. This is a quaint, old-fashioned, Old Florida town. It’s a town without traffic lights but with friendly people. Fishing appears to be the main source of income and the seafood is abundant and delicious. We got the best bowl of clam chowder we’ve ever had at a local restaurant called Tony’s. (If you ever go, don’t miss the clam chowder.)

imageWe stayed at the Sunset Isle RV Park which promises to be “A place time forgot, but you never will.” And they delivered on the promise. Sunset Isle sits right on the Cedar Key Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. There is fishing from docks in the campground and it is also a great place to watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets but the main attraction seems to be just kicking back and relaxing. Getting a spot here can be difficult because people come back year after year but we were lucky and got a campsite for a few days.


I would like to say it is one of the Old Florida Coast’s best kept secrets but word is getting out. Sunset Isle recently won the 2015 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. This RV Park is old and quaint, like the town, and if you are looking for a resort don’t come. It’s the type of place that gives you homemade fudge when you register and everyone is friendly and nice. The park rules begin with “Be Happy & Have a Wonderful Stay!”, and end with “Have a Wonderful Stay!

Walking into town from the RV park was a good way to get a few steps in towards our goal of walking 5 miles a day. It was interesting walking past the clam/oyster processing plant and watching the boats unload their catch. We recommend you add this place to your bucket list!

Happy Trails!

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