Galveston Island State Park, Galveston, Texas (Dec. 3-5, 2015)

We kept moving eastward, staying along the Gulf Coast and moved to another state park …

Galveston Island State Park is a great place to enjoy the beach, the gulf, and the bay. The park’s 2000 acres are bordered by developed lands, but the park is an undeveloped barrier island habitat. It attracts a variety of bird species. Galveston Island State Park is known as a great place to fish, swim, lie in the sun, picnic, birdwatch, camp, or just unwind and enjoy the relaxing surroundings.

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At Galveston Island State Park you can stay in a campground on the gulf or the bay. We decided to stay at the bay side area campground to try to get out the higher winds of the beach side campground. Our campground is one of the two campground areas on this side of the park, the other is a primitive, tent only area.

There are 2 kayak launch areas on the Galveston Bay side. The first one is located off of the bay road before you reach the bay side camping area and the other is just beyond the campgrounds. There’s even a “trail” map for paddlers along the bay.

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A number of trails wind through the bay side salt marsh and prairie. These habitats dominate the park land north of the highway. The recent rains made for a muddy trail, but it was still a nice walk. One trail led to an elevated observation deck out in the middle of the marsh.

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Damage from Hurricane Ike

The park was devastated by Hurricane Ike in 2008. Many of the park facilities were destroyed and some dunes were flattened or totally washed away. However, the park has recovered.

Off Season Activities

The park is located on Galveston Island which is a tourist town. Off season activities were limited and a lot of the town was closed for the season.


Happy Trails

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