Texas Hill Country – We are in Kerrville, Texas (Nov. 8-11, 2015)

Our New Home

Our next stop was at Buckhorn Lake Resort, an upscale RV Resort that is designed for big rigs and people who want to enjoy a lot of amenities. We picked this stop because we needed a place to receive mail, an Amazon order, and a part for our RV from Canada. It was also a great place to catch up on laundry, grocery shop, do some rv cleaning, and generally catch our breath.

image   image   image        image      image

You see recently we had an electronic panel for all our tank levels go out. We called Leisure Travel (the company that makes our RV) to find out how to proceed. They were very nice and said it was an easy part to replace and would be covered fully by warranty. They sent it to us through the mail. Don had it changed in no time once it arrived. This is another lesson we have learned, there is always something to do on an RV.

image   image

Back to Buckhorn Lake Resort, it has … 2 large pools with hot tubs, a fitness center (with daily exercise classes), 9 hole putting green, 2 tennis courts, restrooms/private showers, laundries, cable TV, Wi-Fi, country store, a fishing pond, daily trash pick up at your site, event center, an adults only area, cabins, and across a stone bridge over the lake is an exclusive Class A motorhome community called The Club at Buckhorn. We’ve noticed that all of the RV’s here are spotless, clean & shiny. One of the services offered here is a mobile cleaning and detailing for your RV and tow vehicle. This place even has its own channel on the TV announcing upcoming events for each week and concerts (dinner shows, dances, etc.) coming up in the future. Shopping in Kerrville is close, restaurants are close, and it is the opposite of a state park. We will be glad to get back to nature but while we are here we are having a great time!

image   image

Keeping Ahead of Cold Weather

As we travel and look back at the places we left, the very next week they are getting really cold weather. The high altitude areas even are getting snow. We sure do love temperatures in the 50’s but are trying to stay out of the 30’s and below.

Now that the weather is cooler we purchased a heated mattress cover and flannel sheets for the bed. We didn’t know how nice it is to be able to preheat the bed before turning in at night.

A Quick Look into the Future

We are looking forward to being back in BR for Christmas week. The hardest part of this wonderful trip is missing family and friends.

Happy Trails

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