City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, New Mexico (Oct. 27-29)

Driving south to our next destination in southwest New Mexico we passed one of the largest utility sized photovoltaic solar power plants we’ve seen. This was out in the middle of the desert.

IMG_3464CityRocks IMG_3457CityRocks

As we got closer to the mountain passes we came across another wind turbine farm. When there is enough wind to blow the RV around you will soon see a wind farm.


This stop at City of Rocks State Park was another unplanned, no reservation stop for a few nights. Pulling in to the park, we drove around to survey the different sites. The site that offered the best views and was somewhat private was in the primitive camping area, no electricity and  a common water spigot for this side of the park. That worked out great for us with the solar panels.

IMG_3483CityRocks   IMG_3519CityRocks

As we set up and checked out the area we had a visit from a great horned owl.


And an annoying ground squirrel…


The unique rock formations at the City of Rocks are the result of a volcanic eruption millions of years ago that was 1,000 times more powerful than Mount St. Helens. This deposited deep layers of ash that solidified and then was eroded by wind and water to form the “city”.

Several of the rock pillars had cavities eroded out and we could see a large bird nest inside, maybe an owl’s or an eagle’s.

IMG_3534CityOfRocks IMG_3532CityOfRocks IMG_3531CityOfRocks IMG_3529CityOfRocks IMG_3516CityRocks IMG_3515CityRocks IMG_3514CityRocks IMG_3513CityRocks IMG_3512CityRocks IMG_3511CityRocks IMG_3495CityRocks IMG_3484CityRocks IMG_3480CityRocks IMG_3479CityRocks 20151027_1CityRocks

The park has an extensive 7.5 mile hiking and biking trail system that runs through the park and around the perimeter of the park. There are also lots of goat thorns present that will rip your bike tires, so we hiked the trails and left the bikes behind. It seems that most of the plant life in the desert will either stick or stab you if you’re not careful!

The desert scenery was beautiful to explore and the sunsets were spectacular. This area has some of the darkest night skies and the stars really light-up the night.

IMG_3489CityRocks IMG_3490cityRocks IMG_3491CityRocks IMG_3493CityRocks IMG_3498CityRocks IMG_3503CityRocks IMG_3504CityRocks IMG_3505CityRocks IMG_3506CityRocks IMG_3507CityRocks IMG_3509CityRocks IMG_3510CityRocks IMG_3516CityRocks IMG_3521CityOfRocks IMG_3523CityOfRocks IMG_3524CityOfRocks IMG_3525CityOf Rocks IMG_3526CityOfRocks IMG_3536cityOfRocks IMG_3486CityRocks

Happy Trails!

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