Willard Bay State Park, Willard, Utah (Oct.5-7)

After we discovered that some parks are closing for the season, we looked for our next possible stop. State parks are always one of our first choices. Willard Bay State Park is just north of Ogden, Utah.

This state park is older and showing its age, but everything was functional. Being close to the water, it is “buggy”, lots of insects.

My memories of this area are coming out in the winter to watch the ice fishermen bore holes in the ice and sit in little wind- breaker shelters. Being a freshwater bay north of the Great Salt Lake, it can totally freeze over in the coldest part of winter.

While here we did a day trip to visit the Air Force Museum at Hill Air Force Base. This was my last assignment before my discharge from the Air Force, and recalled the good times here. When I was first assigned here after returning back to the states from Germany back in 1979, the aircraft squadrons were phasing out the F-4’s and changing to the brand new F-16. I learned that now they are phasing out the F-16’s and getting ready for the new F-35. We were close enough to see two of the new fighter jets fly over.

image image image image image image

Another location that I wanted to show Norma was Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake. This was a spot that I had visited years ago. We had a great time exploring the trails and roads on the island (well, it’s really a peninsula).

While driving out onto the peninsula, we spotted a coyote with something in its mouth (lunch?) and a large jack-rabbit. That rabbit had huge ears.

The bison herd here is very large and they are roaming freely within the park. While driving we found the main group. We could see one large bull rolling in the dirt, then it started grunting. It jumped up towards the road, we stopped. Two large bulls started butting heads in the middle of the road, making a road block. We decided this would be a good spot to turn around after we watched the action for a few minutes.

There were two campgrounds within the park, both primitive. A few campers were there enjoying the scenery.

imageimage imageimage imageimage imageimage image

Happy Trails!

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