On the Snake River at Massacre Rocks State Park

Massacre Rocks State Park (Sept. 27-30, 2015)

Massacre Rocks State Park is located about 10 miles west of American Falls, Idaho. It’s right off the interstate, but far enough to not hear the highway noises. The park had few guests at this time of year, so we had the luxury of picking a spot with a wraparound view of the canyon and the river.


That’s our RV in the middle of the shot

RV at spot # 41 Massacre Rocks State Park

RV at spot # 41 Massacre Rocks State Park


Rabbits are everywhere

image image


This is another stop along the Snake River and the Oregon Trail. One of the hiking trails from the park has tunnels that take you underneath the interstate and then leads to an area where the ruts from wagons can still be seen.


As the day ended we were out hiking late for another beautiful sunset.


When we first started out in the RV, we said the type of camping that we preferred was out in the country removed from everything – this park fills the bill.

This was another Idaho state park with a disc golf course – but this one was definitely for the advanced player. It had many changes in elevation, throws between cliffs and all in rattlesnake territory!


We headed off to American Falls to see what they had to offer – well, it’s mainly a little farming community that was in the middle of the potato harvest. There were large trucks loaded with potatoes coming out of the fields everywhere.

A short 2 mile drive away from the park there is another historical site – Register Rocks. A large boulder that the emigrants signed as they passed through is on display.

image image

A large wind turbine farm was visible from the park, so we headed up the service road to get a closer view.

image image image image

After a few days here its time to start turning south towards the Idaho/Utah border, back to an area that I haven’t seen in over 30 years.

Happy Trails!

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