Harvest Hosts – Sleeping with the Chickens

Today we started out slow leaving Emigrant Springs State Park in Oregon. After having breakfast (or should I call it brunch?), we hooked up the jeep (known as a “toad”) and headed southeast.

While driving down from the mountains, the scenery was stunning. It was a pleasant drive, listening to Click & Clack, the tappet brothers on Car Talk from a podcast.

South Idaho

South Idaho

driving south through Idaho

driving south through Idaho

On todays trip it was the first true test of our new solar electrical system, we were able to use the microwave to heat up lunch as we went down the road. Previously we would have looked for a rest area or scenic overlook to stop and kick on the generator.

As we crossed over into Idaho, we hit a secondary road that followed alongs the banks of the Snake River. After a few miles we came into the town of Weiser, ID. We fueled up in town and then headed out again to find our Harvest Hosts stop for the night.

We drove past acres and acres of orchards, and the nav system said to turn in to a dirt road that didn’t look like much… but the friendly owner of Kelley Orchards came out to greet us.


After getting options on where to park and set up, we settled on a spot right between the barn and a few apple trees. It’s much warmer here than back on the mountain at Emigrant Springs, but tolerable.


Harvest Host Farm

Harvest Hosts Farm

As the sun was setting the owner and all his kids came out to meet us, they let the chickens out.

Another beautiful day.


We awoke to the sounds of the farm coming alive, the working hands arriving, starting up the tractors and the barn doors opening.

We shopped at the farm stand, picking up a few small bags of fruit. Then it was time to head out to the road again.

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