Plymouth Park in Washington

The Blog is ready for Prime Time!

This is our first edition published on the blog. You should receive an e-mail notification whenever we post a new entry on the blog. I also provided a link to the web address in the last e-mail.

We are still learning about blogging, so bear with us. This is the freebie version of a blogging site, so the features are limited.

One of the cool features that we like from other blogs that we follow is the use of maps. If you look at the menu bar there is a link that will jump to a map showing our travels.

We are enjoying the stop at Plymouth Park so much that we extended our stay. It’s been a nice park to slow down and reflect on where we are in our lives and think about the next few stops.

That’s one of the RV planning skills that we are trying to refine – learning to not plan too far ahead. Having the route all planned out is a great security blanket, but it takes away from the flexibility. With fall approaching fast and the weather getting cooler, we  are looking at how rapidly do we need to drop down further south.

One of the things that we like to do at the end of the day is to finish the meal and go for a stroll at sunset. During today’s walk we were serenaded by the howling of at least 4-5 coyotes. It was very cool. It didn’t take long for Norma to suggest that we head back to the RV.

Sunset at Plymouth Park

Sunset at Plymouth Park

Sunset at Plymouth Park

Sunset at Plymouth Park

We have been testing the new electrical systems while we were still close to the solar installer and everything works fine.

Crossing over the Columbia River into Oregon during a day trip we browsed around the town of Hermiston. There were signs for a Farmers Market so we went to check it out. It was on the small side, not many vendors. The few items we needed were easily found at the local Safeway.


As much as we like the laid back rural campground here, it’s time to move on again.

We have started to include a few stops without hookups in our planning. We became members in a group called Harvest Hosts ( ) that offers one night stays at wineries, farms, and museums. Most do not have hookups (which is why we have the solar & lithium batteries) and parking is limited. So you call ahead the day before to make sure they can accomodate you. As we move south through Oregon and move into southern Idaho there will be 3-4 hosts to try out. After that we will probably need a state park or private campground stop to refill the freshwater and dump our tanks.

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