Colorado Summer 2015

On the Road with Don & Norma

Continuing with our adventures, Don’s “On the Road” last week had us arriving at Lathrop State Park in Walsenburg, Colorado on June 17th and told about our adventures through Friday (the 19th) so I’ll pick up on Saturday (the 20th).

Lathrop State Park, Walsenburg, Colorado:

  • Saturday, June 20: This morning we got up early and took a bike ride before breakfast. We rode around the lake and it was peaceful, quiet and shaded. I loved it.


Later we decided to go to the Walsenburg Farmer’s Market to pick up some fresh, local produce. Boy were we disappointed, they had one table with tie-dye t-shirts and another with a few plants so we changed plans and took a drive through the countryside on gravel roads. I got to see my first pronghorn antelope. (Don knew what it was.) I found out these animals are the fastest animal in North America. (Second fastest in the world, behind the cheetah.)


That night we went to hear a sixth generation, award winning cowboy poet, Floyd Beard. He told us stories and poems about his family, friends, and the way of life that cowboys today still live. (To learn more about him go to He’s also on YouTube.)



On a side note, at this park we only had electric hook-ups. It had a place where we could connect to water but it was a shared faucet so you had to quickly disconnect. I guess I’m going to have to learn some new skills because we almost ran our tanks out. We want to be able to boondock (camp outside a camp ground) but fresh water will be our limitation.

  • Sunday, June 21: Today we are wishing all dads a Happy Father’s Day! (I’m missing my Dad more today than normal and hope he has a special day with Mom, Carol, Sandra, and Sandra’s girls/grandkids.)


We are on the road again, on our way to Mountaindale RV Park in Colorado Springs. We had planned on going to another state park but it was flooded. Mountaindale is beautiful. It is on a mountain outside Colorado Springs.

Travel days are not very exciting because we take our time, go on the back roads, usually we don’t travel more than 2 hours or 200 miles. Today when we get to Mountaindale we plan to wash clothes, and clean the inside of the RV. Living in an RV is very different – I know I keep saying this but there aren’t any secrets in an RV and you really get to know each other.

This is a beautiful RV park with a stream going beside it. We saw bear tracks, deer (one looked in our RV door while Don & I were talking), and rabbits.


  • Monday, June 22:

This morning we got up early and drove to Helen Hunt Falls and hiked from there to Silver Cascade Falls. This hike was considered a moderate/difficult hike straight up but it was only about a mile and a half.


After this hike we stopped at Mt. Cutler and hiked what was considered an easy hike and we had a view of Seven Falls near the end of the trail. (I think this hike was harder than the first one but I was getting tired.)


In the afternoon we went to visit the Garden of the Gods and Don finally got to try out the jeep by taking off up dirt, winding roads. It was fun and scary at the same time.


  • Tuesday, June 23:

Today we went to the Air Force Academy and toured the facility. We watched a great video on how the cadets go through basic training. Don had always told me stories about it but to see how much fun the trainers had giving the new recruits a hard time (with a purpose) was interesting. However, I realized I would never have made it in the military.


Later we went to the zoo. Now we don’t usually like zoos but this one is different. It’s called Cheyenne Mountain Zoo because it is built on a mountainside and you have to walk up and down on terraced levels. It is a very interactive zoo and you can feed the giraffes, hold snakes, etc. There is also wildlife that have discovered the zoo and we kept running into deer that were in the parking lot or hanging out eating the grass outside the cages. Don even had a chipmunk come up to him wanting to be hand fed.


  • Wednesday, June 24:

Today we are leaving Mountaindale and traveling to Clear Creek RV Park (a city campground in Golden, Colorado. (We plan to stay there until July 2nd).

A few years ago, Mitch, Don and I went to Boulder to visit my nephew Troy and his wife Nancy and their boys. My sister and brother-in-law (Patsy & Butch) introduced us to Golden and this little gem of an RV park. We knew one day we just had to go back to visit this special little town.


This is a great little crowded park near the historic district of Golden. It is built on the side of a stream and a trail that you can walk/bike throughout the city. There are trails everywhere and bikers everywhere. I just don’t think I’m ready to ride a bicycle up or down a mountain.


  • Thursday, June 25:

Today we hung out in town and walked around everywhere and then took a ride in the jeep to get our bearings. This is a beautiful little town. Don and I decided to walk to the grocery store. Distances I’m used to walking seem a lot further when you aren’t on level terrain.

  • Friday, June 26:

Today we got up and went to the Coors brewery and did the tour. Well, as most of you know, I’m not a beer drinker but I discovered that Blue Moon is pretty tasty stuff with an orange slice in it. J


Later we took a scenic drive and drove the Lariat Trail. Every day the sights get more beautiful than the next. We went up Look Out Mountain and visited Buffalo Bill’s grave. Look Out Mountain is this very steep, windy road with numerous switchbacks with bicycle riders everywhere. They are riding, talking to each other and don’t seem to be bothered at all by the constant climbing or altitude. Amazing!


Future Plans:

  1. Pikes Peak RV Park in Manitou, Colorado, July 2-July 15
  2. Oregon, Washington, a little of Canada … & then heading back “down south” before winter kicks in
  3. Back to Baton Rouge for the Christmas holidays

See you soon!


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