Heading West


On the Road with Don & Norma

It is the end of our first week on the road and it was been a transition for us. We knew we wanted to try this lifestyle for a little while and it was a whirlwind getting the house ready to sell and sold.

To get ready for this new adventure we selected a realtor, met with a stager, got the interior of the house painted, and with Carolyn’s assistance we implemented everything the stager suggested. (We couldn’t have done it without her – thank you.) Next we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the house. Well it all paid off and we got the house under contract in only six days and it sold. We gave away a lot of our possessions, and put the rest in storage. We are now homeless and traveling.

I thought we were handling it all remarkably well but it must have been more stressful than I knew because I immediately caught shingles the day after the house sold. This delayed us from leaving and we stayed in Baton Rouge for a few more days so I could learn to deal with it (or I should say, Don could learn to deal with me for the next 3-4 weeks while I have shingles and can’t get hot.) However, we stayed at the Farr Park Equestrian Center and enjoyed the view.

Farr Park Equestrian Center

Farr Park Equestrian Center

1)        June 4th: We left Baton Rouge last Friday and went to Paragon Casino in Marksville, Louisiana. Imagine a big parking lot with a little grass and you can feel like you were there but it was only a one night stop over on our journey.

2)        June 6-7: On Saturday we journeyed down the road to South Toledo Bend State Park. Dad said for us to look around and see if we could find mom’s watch she lost there many years ago when they were fishing there but we didn’t see it. It is beautiful but was hopping for the weekend.

South Toledo Bend State Park

South Toledo Bend State Park

3)        June 8-10: Monday we headed over to Rainbow’s End in Livingston, Texas. This is the headquarters for the Escapee RV Club of which we are members. While there we changed our domicile to Texas and our new address is:

The mail service we are using will scan the envelopes of our mail for us to view online and if we request it will open the mail and scan all the contents. It will also hold mail and forward it to wherever we are when we request it.

We also got the RV weighed to make sure the weight was evenly distributed and to check to make sure we didn’t put too much stuff in it. The good news is that we were fine and were cleared for our trip to the mountains of Colorado. We can proudly say we are underweight – oh, we mean the RV is underweight.

4)        June 11: Today we are in beautiful Tyler State Park in Tyler, Texas. This was the first place we ever camped after we picked up our new RV from the dealer in February. It is quite different being here in the spring as opposed to when we were worried about freezing.   I’m sitting at the picnic table looking out across the lake writing this as Don prepares a fire for us to cook our dinner. We even have two pesky raccoons visiting us begging for food. (Somebody ought to tell them they are begging for tofu.) This is what camping is supposed to be like.

Begging Raccoon @ Tyler State Park

Begging Raccoon @ Tyler State Park

Tyler State Park, TX

Tyler State Park, TX

5)        Future Plans:

  1. a) June 12: A + RV Park (private campground) in Alvord, Texas
  2. b) June 13: Ole Town Cotton Gin RV Park (private campground) in Goodlet, Texas. (The park has warned us to get gas and food before we come because there isn’t anything around.)
  3. c) June 14: Oasis RV Park (private campground) in Amarillo, Texas (The reviews say sometimes when the wind blows you can smell the stockyards – oh boy!)
  4. d) June 15-24: Travel to Golden, Colorado stopping along the way.
  5. e) June 25-July 1: Clear Creek RV Park (a city campground) in Golden, Colorado. (This is the campground Patsy & Butch took Mitch and us to when we visited Troy and his family in Boulder.)
  6. f) July 2-July 15: Pikes Peak RV Park in Manitou, Colorado. (This is right outside Colorado Springs)
  7. g) July 16-31: Maybe travel around Colorado towards Durango and begin heading towards Oregon (and later to Washington state.)

We’ll try to write every week and let everyone know where we are and where we are planning to go. However, we are newbies and learning as we go along. So far we’ve learned there are no secrets in an RV. We don’t know how long we will do this for but in the meantime we are learning a lot about each other and ourselves.

We are planning to be back in BR for Christmas and will look forward to seeing everyone then.

If you need to get in touch, our cell #’s are:

We have 2 different carriers so if you can’t reach one, try the other.

Norma & Don

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