Heading North!

On the Road with Don & Norma

Week 7: (July 11-20, 2015)

We talked about changing the format last week, this will be a transitional edition. I would like to go to a blog format eventually. I’ve started work on a blog off-line and will need to test it before going live. In the meantime, we’ll continue with this.

The trick will be finding the time to input our thoughts and try to capture the highlights of whatever location we are visiting. There are moments throughout every day when we point out something to one another, a hawk flying high overhead, a funny bumper sticker, a fearless deer that walks out right in front of us, or a spectacular sunset. We can’t pass on those events, we can’t get a camera out quick enough! I can say that what we write about is just a small portion of life on the road, it’s a very rich experience.

Speaking of that, we have been on the road long enough now to finally slow the pace down and settle in. Staying in Manitou Springs for two weeks has been relaxing, giving us a chance to get out of “vacation mode”. We realized we didn’t need to cram every minute of every day going to all the tourist traps. In fact, we made an effort to avoid them, especially on the weekends.


Old Colorado City coffee shop – trip planning

Our time in Manitou Springs ended, we picked up and headed north again to Golden, CO.ClearCreekAgain

Deer1Small deer along the trial, it came out like we had food to offer.

BackToGoldenBack in Golden, looking for a place to have lunch.

BurgersGoldenGreat burgers! And a Blue Moon

DriveWyoming1 DriveWyoming2Driving through Colorado into Wyoming

DriveWyoming3Interesting cloud formation in Wyoming


Wind turbines at the Wyoming welcome center on our way to windy Rawlins. (While in Rawlins it was difficult to open the RV door because you had to hold on to it. We couldn’t put our awning out and we had to pull in our slide while we were gone during the day because the awning over the slide was being blown around so violently. It was a dust bowl and we only stayed a couple of nights.)


Encampment, WY – stopped in for a cowboy poet event


Stopped at a rest area outside of Casper. Only in Wyoming!

This is the real West.

The RV park (Indian Campground) in Buffalo, Wyoming is nice – shady spots with a creek running nearby. There’s a walking trial that goes into the downtown area.


On a Big Horn National Forest road – exploring mountain roads while in Buffalo, WY.


Drove to the peak, at 9600 ft. – Big Horn Mountains.


Norma’s phone takes great panoramic shots.


Future Plans:

  1. Leave Buffalo, Wyoming and head north to Billings, Montana. Last big city we’ll see for some time.
  2. Keep on a northern track for Great Falls & Hungry Horse, Montana and then spend a few days at Glacier National Park.
  3. Go into Canada for a short stay at Banff, Alberta. Take a day trip to Lake Louise and Jasper. Eh! As the Canadians say…
  4. Second stop in Canada – Great Canadian Barn Dance and RV Park in Hill Spring, Alberta. Yee-Haw!
  5. Drop back down into the U.S. somewhere, maybe Idaho, Washington, Montana. We need to work on that.
  6. Early September, be in Hood River, OR for a solar PV system installation on the RV roof and upgrade the battery bank to lithium.

Till we meet again!



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